Jamie Leibert Story

Jamie Leibert is not afraid…not afraid to jump out of a plane, not afraid to be unorthodox, not afraid to talk about his struggles, and most importantly not afraid of a challenge.

Raised in California in a loving home, Jamie Leibert’s childhood was turned upside down when his parents unexpectedly moved his family. At nine years old, Jamie was separated from his nurturing grandparents and was thrust into a downward spiral. Lacking true parental support, he turned to drugs, alcohol, and fighting.  He ended up in Long Beach group home where he was surrounded by other kids from broken homes. Every single one of these kids, including Jamie, lacked a vital component to a full and healthy life. They lacked the love and support that every child needs to flourish.

As a result of this huge void in Jamie’s life, he ended up in prison with a four-year sentence.  While in prison, he did however, receive love and support from one person, his Uncle Dale. When Jamie wanted to turn his life around, once and for all, Uncle Dale was there to show him the love and support he so desperately needed to get back on his feet. From his prison cell, Jamie had a moment of clarity; he suddenly knew what he had to do. 

Facing and overcoming these challenges motivated Leibert to create Just Care More, his ultimate challenge: to help underserved youth overcome similar challenges to the ones that he faced and surmounted in his adolescence. Jamie believes that everyone is capable of defying the odds and Just Care More’s mission is help at-risk children do just that.

Today, Jamie is a successful businessman who has reconciled his past. Jamie is the CEO and founder of the Color Fun Fest and the Inflatable Festival & Run.  He has refocused his life on improving the world around him.   Jamie has faced many challenges, and will continue to face many more, but he knows that the love and support he gives will come back tenfold.